Friday, June 12, 2009

just heard the weather forecast

Next week, so far, according to Accuweather Channel 6, looks to be very nice and pleasant. Definitely planning a Tuesday eve and Thurs eve ride. Tues will take off at 5 and I hope to do cue # 232, it is around 26 miles hence the reason we need to leave by 5.

Thursday will be a 530 ride and we will do less miles, out Camp Linden, Brandywine Drive, rt 162 and back on Ground Hog College. A nice ride and not too long.

So plan your week accordingly if you can and get out and bike.

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Ellen Z said...

Connie and I are riding at 8am on Tuesday from Shaws Bridge. Probably doing about 30. Its supposed to be a great day so if you're looking for an AM ride - join in!