Monday, June 22, 2009

rides for week of june 22


Every evening this week, Monday, Tues, Wed Thurs, I am posting a ride, since the weather is so iffy, i will try each night to get a ride up.

We will take off at 530 sharp, so come prepared. If this weather holds today, I will be up there at Hot Foot, cue will depend on weather and folks who show up, if you want to ride faster than me, bring a map so you can find your way around.

Tonight will be a simple cue and you can probably make your way home without me if you need to ride fast.

Saturday morning 8 am ride, cue # 127, 38 miles, nice and flat and not bad, we will take our time, those that want to ride ahead, BRING a cue and be prepared to get yourself home.

ALL rides this week will be geared to getting ladies on bikes. SO if you are sitting and home and NOT biking, come on out. I will do all in my power to provide a good ride at YOUR speed.

Again, if you want to ride fast, bring a cue or try Shaun's B group. He is there most tuesdays and thursdays.

SEE YOU TONIGHT, use Twitter for updates, username LibsM

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