Sunday, June 21, 2009

a late Happy Father's Day to.........

What's wrong with this picture?? (read post to find out)

........... the hubbies of any chicks who happen to have hubbies AND who are parents as well,

and from what I have seen, we have way more husbands and boyfriends riding than the women.

So again, I am asking for C level ladies, get your bike out and RIDE. It is amazing at how men make time in their schedules to ride their bikes. These men have kids and jobs and soccer and swim team, but they do get out.

We have a strong core group of Chick riders but have failed to attract large new numbers. Cassandra has become one great great new rider, Charlene is improving so fast she is gonna be biking with the B riders. But there are many many ladies NOT riding, why I have no clue?

SO those ladies sitting at home, what did your husband/daddy do today? Does he ride a bike?? If so, how come you do not ride with him? If you have kids, get them bikes, and hit the Schuylkill Trail with the whole family. Or do the Struble Trail in Downingtown.

An active mother is the best example for her kids. Get on your bike and take your kids biking. They will need a bike with gears but most kid bikes come with gears. A good bike store for kids' bikes is the one in Downingtown. It is right on rt 30 in Caln. Tell the fellow that Libby sent you and you may get a discount. I bought many kids' bikes there. Ask for Ken.

So what is wrong with the pic above?? where the heck is the mom's bike? Now i know the kid has no helmet but he is not really riding. Hopefully they bought him a helmet.

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