Monday, June 22, 2009

follow up on SRT assault

this came in the WCCC email listserv......

As you may know there have been some problems on the SRT near Norristown.
The Montco bike folks have put together a reporting system to address this,
described below.
(from Steve Sheetz)

I wanted to be the first to congratulate John Bringhurst on his
efforts in making the reporting system for NON-911 worthy issues!

Ladies and Gentlemen, PLEASE use 911 if you are attacked, but use
this reporting system if you see criminal activity on the trail,
(like a drug deal, for example, do not stop or do anything other than
note the location and then tell authorities with this system) IF
kids are throwing rocks or are verbally harassing you, use this
reporting system... If you are not sure what, but it seems like you
are seeing suspicious activity... Consider this a type of
neighborhood watch reporting device.

I would really appreciate it if the webmasters of the area clubs post
this link on their clubs' web page. My goal is 100% reporting of
incidents that occur on the SRT. Ladies and Gentlemen, WE are
responsible for our security, and only WE can help make sure the
places we ride are safe.

Jon, THANKS AGAIN!!!! Awesome Job!!!

You can view it at:

Steve Scheetz
Chair, Montgomery County Cycling Committee
Safety and Legislation Coordinator, Suburban Cyclists Unlimited

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