Friday, June 19, 2009

more bike maintenance

We ride all summer long and many times we forget we have to check out bikes periodically to see if everything is running okay. Not only do you have to clean your chain and derailleurs regularly, you need to maintain the integrity of the chain and your back gear set.

One site I have found has some useful tutorials on bike maintenance. I am suggesting this one on how to check to see if your chain has stretched.

If your chain has stretched noticeably, you may need a new rear gear set as well. I highly recommend you get yourself knowledgeable BEFORE going to bike repair store. You need to be able to tell the bike store what you need done.

Simply telling the guy to check your bike will not always guarantee a job well done.

At our next bike clinic we will cover some of this advanced bike maintenance and help you sound smarter when you take your bike into the bike repair store. July 12 is our next clinic, scroll down for the post for details or click the link above.

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