Monday, June 8, 2009

latest update on SRT assault


there is going to be a public meeting listed below about the recent attack on the female cyclist who managed to get away from a group of folks intent on hurting her, read below for details of the meeting if interested in attending.......... from Steve of the Phila Bike Club

The meeting, with county officials and the Norristown Police Department will be held Wednesday in 1 Montgomery Plaza. If you are arriving by bicycle, I will be at the Norristown Transportation Center from 6:30, to point! If you do not know me, I will be the rather large Cyclist wearing a Hammer Nutrition Jersey riding a black bike with "Red Tail Hawk" on the down tube.

The meeting will start at 7PM in Room 202, second floor, One Montgomery Plaza, Swede and Airy Sts. Norristown.
Bikes can be left in the building lobby, there is a security guard on duty. ______________________

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