Saturday, June 27, 2009

got eaten by a thorn bush

We had a fabo ride today, the weather could not have been better, started with 12 riders and about halfway home or so, the faster riders took off. We did cue# 127 which is a nice cue, fairly flat and scenic.

I was heading home from Hot Foot, going east on Marshall Road approaching High Street. I was clipped in and was trying not to unclip as the light had just changed. I got sandwiched between a car and the curb and then BOOM, lost my balance and went right into this large thorn bush.

I vanished into it, finally got out but had thorns stuck in me everywhere. I really had to laugh. I mean, can I fall in any more odd spots than I have already??

I think today was the final trophy in my long line of spectacular falls.

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