Tuesday, September 15, 2009

women and biking

See yourself as the great Chick that you are!!!

one thing i notice and hear when biking with ladies is that the act of biking is done to lose weight, or to be able to go home and eat a big meal or to get a smaller rear end, or anything except just the sheer fun of it

women and exercise seemed to be intertwined with losing weight, whatever a woman does in terms of exercise, the sole purpose seems to be to lose weight

i rarely hear, " I am out here to have fun." More often than not, when climbing a hill, I again hear the same thing, "think of all the calories we are burning"

it is a never ending litany of self-flagellation and I find it kinda depressing

I have no idea if men do this or not, but i do know women do it all the time, it is just part of our daily lives, women constantly running themselves down

my hips are too big, i can coast faster now cuz i am so fat, if i bike faster, maybe i will lose more weight, it goes on and on

if i eat a donut, i had better bike 10 miles, how about just eating the donut cuz it tastes good and biking 10 miles cuz it is fun

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