Thursday, September 3, 2009

if you have never been on bike in Chester County

I took my hubby to the restaurant, Whip Tavern, last night. I did the Brunch ride to this place last weekend. Whip Tavern sits on rt 841, off of Rt 82. We of course drove to the restaurant.

I was amazed when driving, just how spectacular this part of Chester County is. We were in Newlin Township and others. But horse farms all around. And I mean rich horse farms all around. The area around rt 841 is unbelievable.

If I was not a biker, I would never know about this fabulous part of Chester County. Gentle rolling hills, horses everywhere, covered bridges and small winding roads.

Now we do not bike down rt 82 as it is narrow and can by busy but the scenery along this road is worthy of anything you see in New England.

You do not have to travel far to see some of the most beautiful horse farms in the country. The restaurant Whip Tavern sits alongside a beautiful small creek. rt 841 or N Chatham Road is so pretty, windy, flat and scenic. Beyond pretty

But to see this scenery up close and personal, you have to get on your bike. You have to get off of rt82 and take the back roads. To find these back small roads, you need a bike. When taking my hubby on some of these roads,, I was amazed at just how small they are. We bike on roads that you normally do not drive on. I would never know about these roads had I not been on a bike. My husband was amazed at the roads we bike on. He said he never knew these roads existed. I spotted a red tail hawk and again, wished I was on a bike as we could not stop and enjoy watching the hawk.

IF you have not yet biked with the chicks, you are missing some great times. Costing no money and only requiring a few hours on a Saturday morning, you can take a ride through the most beautiful scenery. I can only imagine this area come Fall.

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