Monday, September 14, 2009

traveling mamma comes home

Calling all chicks, LAST evening ride is tomorrow night, ALL are welcome, just not hybrids, look for Ellen to post a hybrid ride again at some point, heard Saturday was rained out

I am finally home after 8 days in Florida, son survived his staph, called MSSA. Still on IV and anti-biotic therapy for 5-6 weeks but he is anxious to get back on the bike

for all the horrors that Obama talked about in his health care speech, my son did receive excellent care at Delray Medical in South Florida. He had excellent doctors, had no waits for anything, got surgery within 12 hrs from arriving at the ER door.

Had excellent nurses, only blip on the radar screen was the home health care nurse, who showed up unclean and most likely on drugs. We tossed him out of the house and made other care arrangements. Live and learn.

But the nursing staff at Delray was absolutely the best, sooooo professional, and just plain nice folks. Son is back at work this week, he teaches little kiddoes science and computers.

BUT I am anxious to get back on the bike, saw tons of bikers in Florida and envied them. The flat roads would be a nice change from Chester County.

Looking for a large group Tues night, 5:15, 20 miles

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