Friday, September 18, 2009

Staphylococcus aureus - A Staph Infection

My son recently got hit with staph, his exact staph was labeled MSSA, doctors thought he had MRSA, he ended up in the hospital, knee had swollen to the size of a cantaloupe.

He went to the ER, and lucky for him he went to a trauma center. He was under the knife within hrs of seeing the orthopaedist. Lucky for him as well, that his ortho guy was top notch and recognized a bad situation quickly.

He was immediately put on an IV drip of a very powerful anti-biotic and then had the knee drained and surgery followed.

So what is the point of this post, only by some luck and vigilance did my son receive such good treatment with what appears to be a good outcome.

We all use health clubs, spas, hot tubs and weight rooms. We all use health club showers and locker rooms. We all get scrapes and injuries when cycling. We all tend to ignore them as well.

We do need to be careful of treating cuts etc with care, while my son had no recollection of any cut, needless to say, he still got staph. He had no visible cut or scrape and could not remember having one within the last 6 months.

My son responded well to anti-biotics, why, who knows? I do know that he eats no meats with anti-biotics in them and tends to eat very healthy foods.

But I do know, there are more super strains of infections and we are all vulnerable. Hand washing often, cleaning and taking care of any injury are two things we can all do.

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