Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I don't post my rides so I don't have to bike with anyone new

Now this snobby attitude is quite common in bike clubs especially among the elite riders. They have their friends, their pace lines and do not want anything to change that

well that is just a shame cuz these snobs are missing out on one of the best parts of biking and that is meeting new folks,

I have lead the Biker Chicks now for over 3 years and have met so many nice folks, but this evening the newbie that showed up wins the award for "best newbie ever"

Elaine and I and newbie Jen took off, Jen was a little worried, her husband had given her pace line instructions, she was worried about the hills

well Jen was one fine rider, shifting like a pro, using her cleats and pedals like a pro, but the best part was that Jen was just so nice, elaine and I remarked that she was just a great person to ride with, Jen was chatty and a great rider, safe and strong

while riding tonight, the elite A riders go breezing past us, same old group, not a new face in the crowd

that is a shame, Biker Chicks ride to meet folks, if you do not want to ride in a group or meet new folks, find another group

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