Friday, September 4, 2009

the need for speed

Chicks are growing, some chicks are now biking faster than the posted speed for Biker Chick rides, which is 11-13, I am not one of them but there are several now.

The C speed for the WCCC club is 11-13, and based on the other groups that are posting on the WCCC ride page

C+ would be 13-15 even though there are folks posting that speed, they are not doing that speed.

I do wish these other groups would actually post the speeds that they do, but this seems a never ending issue. But I do not want the Chicks to fall into this category.

SO what to do? me, Libby, will continue to run 11-13 mph average rides, and I am looking for someone to start posting 13-15 as a C + group as an offshoot of the Chicks. Those of you posting 13.5 or higher, post as a C+ group and be willing to lead it. This requires you to join the club and then sign up as a ride leader.

It is not fair to those looking for 11-13 to end up in a group going faster and visa versa, not fair for fast folks to have to go slower.

So looking for someone to step up, if you want you can post evening rides for next summer, it is probably too late in the season to do this now.

thanks and hope to see someone step up, this may be an end to the Biker Chicks as we now know it, but the discrepancy in the levels of the chicks is making it tough for some riders.

let me know what you think??


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