Friday, September 4, 2009

no one wants to get involved

Was watching TV yesterday and saw a show about the Jaycee Dugard kidnapping. Many neighbors were interviewed. All had seen weird stuff, yet no one bothered to get involved and call the cops. One complained the fence was 8 feet tall, the FBI man on TV suggested they should have gotten a ladder and peered over.

One neighbor said they had loud parties with lots of men in the backyard. We can only imagine what went on.

We all have those weirdos in our neighborhoods, most amount to nothing but many could be dangerous. Yet no one will call and complain about them. Why?

what makes it so hard today to call and complain, fear of retribution?? a good reason, folks have guns now and that certainly is a good reason to fear

what can be done??

how can we take our neighborhoods back and not be afraid to get involved??

certainly in the 18 years that those children lived in that house, others were aware of it. If they had parties, someone had to notice something odd. Apparently the children went to parties. Again, no one noticed anything odd that a sex offender had children??

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