Saturday, September 12, 2009

I luvs South Florida

ok, now if you can get past the sea of old people, canes, walkers and men in polyester pants and women in pants suits, South Florida is heaven

for one thing, it does not rain all day long like it is in West Chester this weekend, matter of fact, it can be raining on one block and not the next one

it is nothing down here to bike in rain cuz if rain scares you, you will not go out, now in the winter it can be dry for days and days and even months

apparently the driver rage against the fast bikers is about as bad as you can get, last newspaper article said folks were throwing tacks on the A1A, drivers can get out and slug the cyclist, so it is not pretty for those fast guys

but if you are not part of the maniac bikers who think they are Lance and that their Thursday evening ride is the Tour de France, you are fine with the drivers

the older you are, the better it is to be on a bike

the floral and fauna is something to see down, little lizard like creatures scurrying everywhere, Palm trees with actual coconuts hanging on them, flowers and all kinds of stuff, a botanist's nirvana

and the birdies, ya know how our trash bird is the pigeon up north, well down here it is a pretty flamingo looking thing, eating next to the trash cans, hoping for a snack, but heck, they are so darn pretty even though they leave a poopie trail like nothing you have seen

you never have to wear shoes, long pants, coats, or even bras down here, no one cares and there is always some old lady ahead of you in the food line with boobs down to her feet, so no matter what, you will look better than at least her

the Intercoastal runs the entire length of Florida, you can buy an old crappy boat with a motor and breeze up and down the Intercoastal and pretend you live in one of the huge mansions lining the waterway

and remember, the ocean if FREE, and if you have a bike, you can ride without seeing a hill forever and ever, only hills are the bridges over the Intercoastal

here in Boynton Beach, there is a wonderful fruit, meat and bakery market, selling produce like nothing you have ever seen in PA, trust me, when they say fresh down here, it means just picked

and at this market, soooo cheap, your basket is overflowing and it is under $50, melons of every kind and in the winter they practically give the oranges and citrus away

so life is good in south florida, warm and humid and your skin never needs moisturizer, just step outside and it is an instant facial, again, all good stuff

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