Tuesday, September 8, 2009

obama death panels

that'll get your attention, hey folks, I am down in Florida, one son ended up in ER, long story but I have had ample time to watch many many old disabled people here in Florida

this is "walker, wheel chair and cane world" down here, people in wheelchairs, people with backs so hunched they look like they are bending down,

people who can barely take one step with their walkers, many many old folks in bad shape

no wonder Obama wants to get ride of them, (again, kidding)

but the point of this post, if you are sitting at home and saying, " i cant bike, I am afraid, I cant bike far" trust me, that attitude will get you to "walkercity "faster than you can say, I am afraid

take my advice, no matter how bad of a biker you think yu are, GET OUT ON THAT BIKE

and do something physical, cuz the alternative is not pretty

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