Friday, September 18, 2009

Group riding and riding 2-3 abreast

Biker Chicks are moving to promote single file biking at all times when on a two lane road with heavy traffic which happens to be many roads in Chester County. Biker Chicks are cracking down on riding near the center yellow line.

Now we all have ridden 2-3 abreast and have been talking and not paying attention. But I think at this time with all the hostility of car drivers towards cyclists, our lives are at stake.

We must ride on the side of the road, when there is no shoulder, it is suggested that we ride about 2 feet from the white side line. This gives the cyclist some wiggle room if buzzed. If there is a wide shoulder, we should ride near the white line.

I also highly recommend the rear view mirror on your helmet or glasses so you can watch what is coming from behind. Many guys think this is whimpy but I would rather be alive and whimpy than dead and not whimpy.

So when out with the Chicks, I will be serious about single file riding, and using common sense. When we bike through a housing development, single file is not necessary but most of our rides are on busy roads. When I yell single file, move over immediately. Hey wait, I should not have to yell out single file cuz Chicks will always be riding single file. Roads where single file riding is required are rt 842, rt 82, rt 162, rt 100 and Sconneltown Road. There are no exceptions on these roads

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