Thursday, September 10, 2009

on the lighter side, reading a map and giving directions

Not that my son and I are out of health care hell, we can enjoy Florida, I have been sitting at the pool all day. Did my water aerobics, soaked in hot tub and then repeated it all. This is heaven, as the pool sits right on the Intercoastal waterway.

But since I have had to drive myself around my son's hometown here in Florida,, the Delray Beach area, I have had to rely on directions from strangers in stores and on the street. I guess no one knows north from south nor east from west, no one knows street names and no one can give directions that do not involve landmarks.

Here is one set i got, " you go that way, keep going until you see Chuckie Cheese, turn when you see chuckie cheese ( which way is anybody's guess) and my shop is right there." Now the store is on a 6 lane highway, so turning thatta way is no easy job.

Gee thanks, with those kind of directions, i will be right there.

South Florida is not hard, the roads are only north/south or east/west. There are no sides roads going in any other direction. I mean how tough is it to give directions.

While in the hospital, I asked the nurse to tell me how to get to Walmart which i could see out the window. The guy stands up and points and says, over there, it is just right out there.

20 minutes later and after going around the hospital parking 10 times, I discover Walmart actually sits on Military Trail ( road name), that is all he had to to tell me.

So to make my point, we cyclists have to be able to navigate the roads we bike on. Get a map and study it, learn north, south, east and west. Learn how to give directions without saying " turn at McDonals" and go thattaway!

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Dottie said...

So true. One thing that surprised me when I moved from Tennessee to Chicago is that everyone gives directions by N/S/E/W. It took me forever to figure it out (E=Lake Michigan, S=downtown, etc) but now that I have the hang of it, it is so easy and helpful. Too bad more cities are not on a grid system.