Wednesday, September 9, 2009

my rant on health care - getting good medical care is a full time job


still in Florida seeing the health care system up close and personal, trust me, getting a government public option is not fixing anything, it is pie in the sky wishful thinking

the bigger problem is the personnel delivering the care and unless you are well educated and very verbal, you are gonna get pushed around like a ping pong ball in the wind

health care delivery is way more complicated and since Obama and his cronies in DC get first class treatment not because they have insurance but because of who they are, they will never understand the plight of the regular folks sitting in an ER, there is just no way they can wrap their brains around it, no way, trust me

my son and I have seen some pretty bad stuff and we are well educated verbal people, I shudder to think what happens to poor uneducated people, that is something i cannot wrap my brain around although we came pretty close yesterday to getting this kind of treatment

giving the choice of a public option to folks on the fringe is akin to thinking a band aid is gonna fix a broken leg

it is such a small part of the problem, and i really cannot imagine how anyone in the USA thinks adding 50 million folks to the waiting rooms is somehow gonna work

as is now, the health care personnel departments are struggling finding competent folks to do the delivery of the health care

so having insurance is definitely not the magic bullet, the effort should be on addressing the lack of nurses and support personnel and medical drs as well

i would put in place right now a system where people in American could get money to go to nursing school or medical school, i would be sending money to colleges to train nursing professors, cuz right now nurses can make almost double the money of what a professor makes, so who wants that job, this needs to be fixed

until yu have a system in place to handle the all the new patients you are simply building a house of cards

have to start from the bottom up, not the top down, so I have no faith that just giving people insurance is somehow gonna make everyone healthy and happy

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