Friday, September 11, 2009

obamamize the bike trail system

dear president obama,

you seem like a guy of action, and you seem to get stuff done, you know that huge health care proposal, 900 billion smackos

how about taking 1 billion and take over the bike trail system in America. Public domain your way around the country and finally get some bike trails, bike roads, public domain your way through all those snooty little townships that prevent any kind of meaningful bike trail system

i live in Chester County PA, and my county has been quagmired ( not sure that is a word in that form) in trying to build a lousy 15 mile bike trail, it is now 20 years later and lo and behold, they are gonna finally build 3.9 miles,

i mean , holy cow, is that fantastic or what??

so how about it President Obama, bring home those military guys building all that stuff in Iraq, put them to work here in America, and get a good bike trail, bike road and bike lane system in place

I know you are all about the green machine, so let's see some green action in terms of biking, if anyone can do it Obama can

I am counting on you President Obama to Obamamize the bike lane mess in our country.

sincerely yours and with great HOPE

libby, biker chick