Friday, July 31, 2009

how to be smarter next time you go to the bike repair shop

Bike Knowledge Clinic coming again, August 30, Sunday afternoon 2-5, first hour is tire changing and bike cleaning, 3-5 is geared to how to be smarter at the bike shop.

some things we will learn about:

1. when to replace chain and how to tell if cassette is ready to be changed, how to avoid a chain break on a ride and what to do if your chain breaks

2. replacing bike cables, how and when

3. adjusting brakes and when to change the pads

4. how to explain your bike issues to the bike shop mechanic

5. how not to get ripped off when at the shop

I will be getting a bike shop mechanic in to run this workshop, so if you say you are coming, I expect you to come

reply to me if coming,

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