Sunday, July 12, 2009

West Chester Rocks

If I consciously tried to get tired, I could not get any more tired than I am. Between bike riding and the Crit and the Quaker Tour today (which I had to bail on as I could not make my legs go around one more time) and then the Twitter Party, I am pooped.

The Iron Hill Criterium is beyond spectacular. If you have never come into the town of West Chester to see this event, you are missing witnessing the power of a small town and how it has re-made itself over the last 20 years.

West Chester rocks, really. I live at least 8 blocks out of town and cars lined our street yesterday. Cars which were bringing folks to the Crit. This kind of crowd and publicity is a tourist bureau's dream come true.

Connie's Bike Clinic and Twitter Party was just the best ever. There were new ladies that were just so nice. One young chick had just a great life story and came to the party to do exactly what the party was intended for.

She changed her tire, she cleaned her bike and she got hooked up on Twitter. Plus she was funny. I love funny people and she was funny.

Her Twitter name is "thebestlisaever" and she really was. What fun to meet all these new ladies.

Thanks Connie and thanks to all the ladies who came and had fun.

Continue to laugh and smile as there really is nothing else that compares.

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Eileen said...

Libby and Connie, the twitter party was lots of fun . . . it is always great to meet other bicycling ladies and chat, and to learn new things about bike maintenance. I am going to try to take my chain off to soak it clean (after my vacation). Will let you know how that works out.