Monday, July 27, 2009

girls just wanna have fun

I hear more often from chicks and some men as well that riding with a bike club is not fun. They arrive at designated meet up and see fancy smancy bikes, tight spandex and gear up the wazoo. For some this is an instant turn off.

What I like to tell my fellow chicks, you ride whatever it takes to make for an easy ride. A big fat tire bike is good for the boardwalk by the Jersey Shore but will not make it on the roads in Chester County.

So for starters, a decent road bike is a good first start. You do not need DuraAce components on your first bike.. But good components make for a good ride and make it easier in the long run.

I have seen some chicks with road bikes but rather fat tires. The thinking being my fatter tires are safer and I will not get a flat. But this makes for a tougher ride when doing lots a miles and hills. So in the long run, you poop out and think you are a failure. When in fact, you are working harder than most on the ride.

I have seen chicks with cleats and without cleats. Again, a good cleat system can make your ride easier in the long run. While we look fancy with our shoes and cleats, the purpose again, MAKE the ride easier and more fun.

Clothes can be intimidating too. Bike pants, bike shirts, gloves, helmets, socks, holy cow what else do I have to buy.

Again, while clothes are not quite as critical in making your ride fun, why not look damn good when out there. Get some spandex and wear it proudly.

Currently I am riding a Tom Kellogg Spectrum bike, built by Tom in 1978!! Old fashioned steel but one sweet ride. It has been updated with new wheels and components and has given me so far 3 great years. It was passed to me by my twin sister.

I have added some fancy stuff along the was, a GPS, some nice bike bags, lights,bike pump and have expanded my wardrobe.

SO you buy a bike and gear to MAKE RIDING FUN not to impress the other folks standing at the meet up for the bike ride. SO get your bike and gear and come out and ride.

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