Saturday, August 1, 2009

the F***ck Fall and meeting a nice new guy

Hey, finally, Libby does a ride and does NOT fall but some guy had a bad one. Coming up a steep hill to the rest stop and some guy cuts him off, and yes, he yelled one fine swear word, cannot blame him, he was on a brand new carbon bike. I did feel for him cuz if anyone knows what it feels like to fall in front of folks, IT IS ME.

Dog Daze was a tough ride today, course got changed and it was hilly and not quite as scenic as before. And it was pretty humid today. But Ellen and I and Ed and Don ended up riding together and did well. Don is a new guy and has to be one of the nicest new guys I have ever biked with. Young and nice, but most likely, he will improve fast and be moving up to faster rides. But for today, it was fun to talk to someone not only new to the club but new to Chester County.

Connie's chain broke and she called SAG support. Ellen had her bike at the shop and they did not fix what she took it in for.

SO we are back to square one, chicks just not getting good service at local bike shops. Not sure what the problem is, I am sure this is not limited to just chicks. When are bike stores gonna realize, repeat business comes when the shop has top flight repairpersons working for them.

I am sure this is hard to find, but it is certainly a problem from what i can see.


Ellen Z said...

I brought my bike into Hotfoot right after the ride. Turns out the guy who worked on it has been having some issues. But Tony took one look at it and fixed the problem in a flash. No complaints. Sometimes stuff happens!! I still think Hotfoot rocks!

Libby Maxim said...

that is great news ellen

so what was that damn rattle???