Tuesday, July 14, 2009

logging your miles to help in maintenance

Since chain maintenance and cassette replacement is determined by use and maintenance, it is good idea to track your miles, that way you have a better idea of when to replace both.

Lots of folks ride 3000-5000 miles in one year. That would necessitate a chain change every year and a cassette change every 2 years.

Now if you only ride 1000 miles a year, obviously your chain and cassette will last longer.

So tracking your miles is a worthwhile activity. Since I started tracking my miles in March, I have done over 1000 miles already. So by next spring I may be around 3000-4000 miles and both my chain and cassette will be ready for changing. I had from July of last year 1700 miles, so for the past year I have 2700 miles. I will easily add another 2000 miles by next spring.

So as you can see, tracking miles is a good idea.

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