Sunday, July 5, 2009

Rides for week of July 5 BIG BIG weekend (July 11,12) for Chicks

I am not offering any evening rides this week. Instead I am riding the Schuylkill River Trail.

Looking for newbies to ride with or oldies. EMAIL me if coming,

Tuesday morning 10 am Betzwood Bridge NEWBIE ride. SLOW and EASY and will combine this ride with a faster pace afterwards and continue on the trail for a total of 30 or so miles.

Wed, Thurs, depending on weather, SRT again, fast paced ride 30 or so miles.

Saturday July 11 730 AM cue#165 NOTE the early start time, got the Iron Hill Crit in the afternoon

bring cue

July 11 5 pm

Sunday Iron Hill Community Rides 11 am - HOOPES PARK in WC boro, W Ashbridge St

1. Tour of the Alleys and Gardens of West Chester
Cue Sht 64-10 miles

2. Tour of the Parks of West Chester
Cue Sht 63-7.5 miles

3. Hill Hell Tour
Cue Sht 59-30 miles

4. Stargazer Winery Tour-Randy Roday
Cue Sht 62-28 miles

5. Quaker Tour-Libby Maxim
Cue Sht 61-23 miles

6. Two Towns Tour-
Bob Lamb
Cue Sht 60-32 miles

JULY 12 Twitter Party and Bike Clinic 4 pm

email Connie Snyder for directions and details

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