Sunday, July 26, 2009

charlene got mad - FINALLY

Charlene went to her bike store and demanded something be done, she ended up with a new chain and cassette for her bike, no charge.....

so it pays to go into a bike store knowing what you want, otherwise, you can get taken advantage of.......

as was charlene, so HATS off to charlene for finding her voice in the bike store.

I am really proud of her, she has come so far in her biking, she is one fit mama on her bike.

Somethings to think about when coming to our next bike clinic:

1. the brand name of your derailleurs, and chains, it makes a difference when you have to do a roadside repair

2. take a look at your cassette in back and see if you can determine if it is ready to be replaced, again, don't rely on a bike store to tell you this, just get on the Net and look up "how to know when to replace the back cassette"

3. how to know when to replace a chain

4. how to know when to replace cables

AGAIN, from what i have seen, good bike service is hard to come by and it helps if you can accurately describe the problem to the mechanic.

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Rick said...

Let me start by saying although I am a bike store manager I am not going to try to defend them. However I thought you would like to know that sram 10 speed chains have been recalled as of today. Maybe you should throw on a shamano?