Thursday, July 30, 2009

Discover Chester County and courtesy

Hey ladies, come ride this Saturday with the Brandywine Bike Club. The Dog Daze ride takes place right here in the West Chester area. There are four options for this ride, 27, 50, 77 and 100 mile rides. I will be doing the 50 mile ride, but the 27 mile ride is also a fabo ride. You get to see all the back roads of Chester County that you may never have even driven your car on.

Yesterday I was flying home from Florida and was seated in the plane next to a lady from Pocopson. She has lived here for years and yet only knew Rt 100 and Rt 842 for biking. If you want to learn the roads of our lovely county, you MUST get on a bike and discover the beauty of the county.

and YES, you will see lots of riders on horses. Recommended policy when approaching horses with riders along the roads:

1. slow down

2. talk to the rider, say, "Hey Hi, good morning, beautiful day isnt it??"

3. continue past the horse and rider and continue going slow

4. courtesy is a dying art form from what i can see, so when biking this saturday, say hi to other riders and say hi to folks on horses

friendly happy people are what i like to see

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