Monday, July 13, 2009

Twitter updates

If you are like me, you are getting requests to follow some highly questionable folks on Twitter. These folks then appear in your "FOLLOWERS" page. Getting rid of these followers is complicated.

You can block them or unfollow them but getting their names off of your page is tricky.


1. Click on your followers page
2. Click on the follower you want to remove and his/her page comes up
3. Click the word follow right under their name
4. Then click the little triangle on the left side of the word FOLLOW and a drop down menu will appear. Click the word REMOVE.
5. Then look on the right side and find the word ACTIONS
6. Under ACTIONS click BLOCK

this should remove the name from your page, at least it did for me

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Hi Libby,
I found your blog and just started following you on Twitter. You have a lot of great energy!

I just started following you so am introducing myself.

Keep up the great work!