Saturday, July 11, 2009

great ride but where the heck were the chicks who wanted 730am

Chicks had a great ride this morning, but all the ladies that said they would come to a 730 ride were not to be found. I looked but trust me, YOU WERE NOT THERE.

I had the club president and the club ride leader with me today to help with instruction for newbie riders so that was SUPER.

Also brought the ride speed down. We averaged around 11 and that was also nice. I got tired of racing around the roads and coming home exhausted.

So I made this change and the time change BUT Next WEEK IS 7:50 AM. No more 730 am rides for me unless I know people are going to show up.

Check blog again, cuz I may change the cue to a 30 miles again. Was nice to come home today and not feel like I did the French Creek Iron Tour again.

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