Thursday, July 16, 2009

how not to get the universal finger salute when biking

We all get harassed from time to time when riding on the roads in Chester County. But there are things we can do to avoid this problem. One simple thing to do is to bike just like you are driving your car. Think like a car driver and act like a good car driver.

1. When riding in groups, DO NOT stop and gather at intersections, stop earlier or find a spot that will accommodate several bike riders.

2. Stay single file on busy roads and if riding 2 abreast, move over quickly.

3. Obey all stop lights, I try to stop just like I was a car and I do not move way up front. I proceed in the same fashion as if I was a car. I do not like to see bikers squeezing up along the curb to get to the front of the line. Wait your turn.

4. NEVER talk on the cell phone and this includes the Schuylkill River Trail. Stop and talk off the trail or road.

5. If riding in a group and crossing busy intersections, do not just go along like a lemming, make sure you check both ways before simply following the crowd.

STAY alert at all times, suggest that you consider getting the rear view mirror on your eyeglasses or helmet to help you see approaching cars.

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