Friday, July 10, 2009

advancing my bike repair skills

I have learned that the best way to get your bike fixed or working is to learn how to do it yourself. Would you believe I went out and bought a tool box ( ok, it's not as big as above!) and I will slowly start to acquire the tools I need to fix my bike.

Yesterday my back brake got moved and was stuck in a position where my back tire would not move. Called my brother in law and he told me what tool to go buy and then gave me some great tips on the phone.

So my tool cost $5 and who knows what the bike shop would have charged me to adjust the brake.

But the more I work on my bike, the less I would want to take it to a bike shop. I am very lucky in that I have my brother in law who teaches me what to do. When I take the bike to him, I watch him do the repairs and try to duplicate them myself.

But learning basic bike maintenance is a worthwhile activity especially if you bike a lot. And more women should get into it.

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