Saturday, May 16, 2009

twitter information

these are some of the folks following me, i have no idea who jayne mason is nor mydeloo78 and the name at the bottom, again, do not know if it is a chick or not but the rest are CHICKS

you must sign up to follow them and have them as followers on your page as well

twitter is a NETWORK and to get everyone's tweets you need to follow folks and be followed in return, so if a chick clicks to follow you, follow her back

then to set up TweetParty, log in and click sync followers, then make a group with these chicks

if anyone else SIGNS up to Twitter, let us know yur twitter name so we can all follow, now Judy has her name blocked so yu have to sign up to follow her and wait for a return

Sandra, i do not think we can use your tweetparty account, each one has to make their own groups on tweet party

AT LEAST THIS IS WHAT I THINK!!!!!!!! happens???!!!, it is anybody's guess

libby LibsM

Jayne Mason jayne_ma / Jayne Mason

mydeloo78 mydeloo78

tweetparty tweetparty
You are following tweetparty
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Laura Catalano laurac802 / Laura Catalano
You are following laurac802
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Eileen Fresta velcasher / Eileen Fresta Icon_lock_sidebar
You are following velcasher
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Laura Obenski plainljane / Laura Obenski
You are following plainljane
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Traci McClintock TraciLM / Traci McClintock
You are following TraciLM
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Julie Bachmann Piglet7981 / Julie Bachmann
You are following Piglet7981
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Ellen Zadoff zadofea / Ellen Zadoff Icon_lock_sidebar
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Cassandra Hogue Cassndr / Cassandra Hogue
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connie snyder Conniesny / connie snyder Icon_lock_sidebar
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Melinda Bloomfield Melindax / Melinda Bloomfield Icon_lock_sidebar
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Judy Butler jtb707 / Judy Butler Icon_lock_sidebar

Ang Onorato anorod22 / Ang Onorato
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