Friday, May 15, 2009

riding with the chicks

I have added only TWO new cues, cuz the cues I made had some errors. Connie and I did the 233 cue today and it was nice. Too busy for the weeknights but nice on other times.

I also made 232, uses Cannery Road, I have no clue as to whether it is hilly or not. We are going to do this cue next Tuesday evening. Ride is starting at 5:00 pm, this is a change.

We will take our time since we have the additional half hour and explore this new cue. PRINT CUE and bring it PLEASE.

I will not be giving turn by turn directions, bring cue and learn how to use it.

suggest you print and then cut it up and make it into one page, use your printer if yu wish and blow it up so it is easier to read.

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