Sunday, May 17, 2009

calling all chicks

Tuesday Eve ride, 5:00pm at Hot Foot, 25 miles cue #232

a grand adventure, brand new cue, some hills, we may have to walk some, does not matter, when I told some guy riders that Chicks were doing Cannery Rd, the guys all said, chicks cannot do it, yeah, who says

so let's prove em all wrong, this cue is very nice and very scenic, S. Wawaset is a real adventure, downhill, uphill and past the Chester County Prison

who is brave?? who is willing to try something new???

let's go chicks, join me for a great great ride, hope to see lots of you, I am getting tired of biking mostly with MEN, yes men, that is all that shows for the Chick rides

whatts up with that???

Bring lots of snacks and beverages, 2 bottles, several snacks, especially if coming right from work, pack some goodies

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