Saturday, May 16, 2009

tuesday is supposed to be a winner weather wise

For those planning on riding this Tuesday night, I will bring the cue as I have not yet decided on the route, I will bring several and based on group, make the decision as to which cue we are doing,

Tweet me if you are coming, so I have an idea of who is coming.

Also, WE LEAVE at posted times, I do not wait nor will I take phone calls while I am riding. If you are late, I cannot help you. I will not try to meet you at another spot. Today I was flying down a hill and my phone rings. A late chick. I cannot answer when biking and I cannot tell you where to meet us as there are lots of folks in the group who DO NOT want to wait for a late comer.

It is not fair to those on time to have to wait for a late comer. SO get there on time.

Tuesday ride is 500pm, thursday is 530

take your pick and come on out

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