Thursday, May 7, 2009

Set a goal to get yourself biking

I have found the best way to do regular biking is to set a goal and there is no better way to do than to sign up for one of the great sponsored rides in our area.

Without this type of goal, little excuses creep into your desire to bike and next thing you know it is July and you are still NOT biking.

Here is a great list of coming up area rides

May 31 Chester County Cancer Challenge June 6, so far ellen, cassandra and eileen and ron are going, let's get some more chicks

French Creek Iron Tour June 14, Ellen and libby and cassandra are doing this ride

River to River Heritage Bicycle Tour July 25

I am sure there are other rides available, the point being

GET OUT and RIDE, plan to attend an event and start riding to get ready for it,

providing the RAIN stops sometime soon

see you all Saturday morning at 830 at Hot Foot if it is not raining

32 miles, will split into groups if we have various levels in attendance.

SO YOU HAVE no excuses

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