Thursday, May 14, 2009

Looking for NEW cues

Calling for new CUES. There are few cues on the WCCC site that are for 25 miles or less. This makes having cues for Tuesday and Thursday Evening Rides a tough job. It requires me to make all the cues and print the cues for each ride. This at times can be a lot of work and I cannot always have a cue printed and ready for every ride. Again, making multi level riding groups a bit difficult for me to manage.

SOOOOOO, if some of you can go to either My Bikely or Map My Ride, draw a map and save it. Now on My Bikely, you have to hand type the cue directions. On Map My Ride, the cue is made automatically but printing it is a bit tricky.

SO come on ladies, make some maps, send me the links and I will save the cues to a pdf and make them available on the WCCC page.

Ride directions have to be in CUE SHEET format.

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