Friday, May 29, 2009

bike chain repair

I just got back from a lesson from Vik on how to use a chain tool and how to repair a chain on the road. It is not that hard but it does require some things to carry,plus Vik reviewed with me how to stabilize a broken cable making it able to get someone home.

1. Chain tool, which I am now looking for as many are worthless

2. A universal quick release chain link by SRAM, I have one for my chain but you have to go into a store such as Bike Line and tell them how many cogs are on your back gear set, i.e. what speed your bike is? 10 speed, 12 speed, 18 speed etc, in pic above, on your bike, COUNT how many chain rings you have in back

and then go to bike store and tell them and they will tell you which sram link to buy

with this link and my chain tool, we should be able to fix a broken chain on the road without help, HOPEFULLY

Vik gave me some spare chain to practice on, but the KEY is getting a decent tool.

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