Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tues and Thurs Eve Show and Go Ride Changes

Had a huge group, men and ladies, 30 miles and Charlene came out for the first time and holy moly, that chick can ride, we were going at a good pace and she hung in there the whole time.

For Tues and Thursday Evening Rides, we tend to get very mixed levels showing up so I am making a change and I will post it to the West Chester Cycling page as well. I will have a route planned but since this is a Show and Go ride, come prepared with a cue of your own and be prepared to lead a group. If you tend to ride a fast pace, bring a cue and be prepared to lead a group. I cannot plan one ride for levels ranging from C to B+.

The Chicks are now riding around 13 mph and if you go faster than this, bring a cue and lead a B group.

I will have a cue ranging from 20 -25 miles and will try to publish it in advance but i cannot always get one made in time. There are few prepared cues on the WCCC ride page that are less than 25 miles so I have to make most of the cues.

But do not come always expecting a preplanned cue made by me, there are too many levels now for our rides and I could use some help with other folks coming with cues. We can then split up accordingly.

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