Saturday, May 30, 2009

cool bag

Last week I was biking with Mary Pat and she had a nifty bike bag, a Trek Handlebar bag (as pictured above) I bought one and put it on my bike. I wanted something a little bigger for when I do area sponsored rides where I often need warm clothing to start but need to shed it later. Plus I like to carry my own snacks, last year in the Seagull Century, they ran out of food towards the end of the ride.

The bag is very light weight, I took off my other bags, so weight wise, I am about the same. Plus I can get all my supplies in with ease.

I got this bag at Bike Line, they ordered it and had it for me in a few days. Will let you know how it aids my rides.

Off to the Chester County Challenge tomorrow. Katherine and Mike and Connie are coming. Hope we see more.

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