Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Spectrum Cycles

This year I am getting my dream bike, a custom bike from Spectrum Cycles. I get to design my dream bike. Yes I said dream bike. Not only will my bike be built exactly for my size but I can pick all my components and paint job.

I am currently riding one of the Spectrum originals, a 1978 handmade steel frame.

This is my 60th birthday gift from my hubby. Told him I do not want a cruise, do not want a party, do not want a trip to Europe. All I want is a new bike. And I want one from Spectrum.

Now all I have to think about now is the color. Red, pink, polka dots, anything I want.

Custom bikes are usually bought by people who are either short or tall. Y'all know I am tall and most bike stores stick me on a man's bike, bad idea as I am not a man.

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Lisa Manzi said...

Congrats on your great gift!!! Very exciting.