Friday, August 28, 2009

how to become a cyclist

in the post below I talked about getting a good bike and I got this from a fellow chick .....

Completely agree! I did exactly that last year- borrowed an old, heavy road
bike-- looking back, I dont know How i managed to even finish the 45mile
LiveStrong challenge ride (I pushed the bike up a lot of hills)
This year, riding my new Specialized Dolce Elite, is PURE JOY and biking
is a completely different and fun experience.
so..this is my first hand testimonial that your advice is right on!"

This lady is now a cyclist and with her new bike she bikes more often and has become a first class cyclist. Plus since she bikes regularly, her skills and abilities on the road have also soared.

At this time of the year, late August, if you have been biking regularly, you should be peaking with your biking skills. You can ride several times a week, you can knock off a 50 mile ride without hardly thinking about it and you can enjoy it too.

If you do not see yourself in this post, you are still sitting at home wishing you had the time to bike and wishing you had gotten out this past summer. Chances are you have a bike that makes biking difficult and as a result, you DID NOT bike this summer, so your bike has proven to be worthless. No matter what you paid for the bike, it did not inspire you to ride it so you might as well sell it and start saving for a better bike. IF you are old like me, there really is nothing else more worthy of saving for.

Many many chicks are now peaking in their riding skills and are enjoying one fine hobby. For those us on good bikes, there is still room for improvement.

For those of us on bikes bought within the last 5 years, you can think now of how to upgrade your bike. Maybe a nice new set of wheels, a new crank or a better derailleur. Is your chain constantly dropping or is your shifting getting difficult??, then think about better equipment on your bike. Over the winter, pick one thing to update and do it. Even if you have a good bike, stuff wears out and new parts keep your bike just that, NEW!

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