Friday, August 14, 2009

one more post on safety

Not sure if you folks followed the story of the young jogger in Fairmount Park who was killed by a falling tree, she had no ID, no one knew who she was, she was wearing an ipod.

Last week I had a large group biking with me and I did not even know the name of one of the riders let alone if she had contact information with her.

SO AGAIN, here are your options

RoadID, either the wrist band with phone numbers or get the online version if you have a complicated medical history that would be necessary if rescue personnel are needed

, you can make a card with all your medical information, the site is privacy protected and nothing is stored on their site

carry an extra insurance card, old driver's license that is still accurate in terms of address

carry a working cell phone and put the contact name ICE and list a number of someone who will answer the phone and be able to make medical decisions if needed

if you bike a lot, and have no spouse or close by relatives, consider asking a good friend to be this person

your life may depend on it someday, we encounter aggressive drivers, and drivers on cell phones and texting


Palm Beach Bike tours said...

This month is the third anniversary of a crash that fractured my riding partner's skull in five places and has left her unable to ride or work.

You can read the whole story here.

I don't like to get into the topic of helmets, but she'd be riding with me today if she had been wearing one.

Even though we had worked together for 20 years and ridden thousands of miles together, I didn't have contact information for her significant other or family members.

I learned a lot from her crash. I'm going up to see her this week to do an update of an accident that changed herba life forever.

Libby Maxim said...

bummer, yes, wear the helmet and carry ID, both things i promote daily when riding with others

I make them write info on a card and carry BEFORE they ride with me