Sunday, August 2, 2009

Eileen runs into a nasty motorist

this from Eileen after the Dog Daze ride....if any of you at this ride saw this incident, contact me and i will let eileen know..... WE MUST ALL support Eileen in this regards

Shortly after we left the second rest stop, we (Ron, Tina, Ed, me, and one or two other riders, not sure who they were) were approaching the corner at McCue and Church, which was marked as a left hand turn. I was about 2-3 car lengths away from the stop sign at the intersection, with my left arm out signaling a left hand turn. I heard shouting at the same time I was glancing in my rear view mirror, and saw a gray car approaching, passing the other riders (who were a short distance behind me). Since I was close to the intersection, I maintained my position in the lane and continued to keep my left arm out to signal my turn. The driver sped up, passed me on the left by going into the opposite lane (we were on a two lane back road with a yellow center line). As soon as he had passed me, he slammed on his brakes. I had to swerve around his car to keep from slamming into the back of his car. I hit my brakes, yelled "HEY!!" loudly as I came around the side of his car. The driver rolled his window down, made an obscene gesture at me, and started screaming at me to "Get the F... off the road, stay out of the F...... road!" etc. etc. I was startled, the only thing I said at that moment was "Watch your language!"

Ron rode up at that moment, and shouted at him to get lost. He peeled off to the right, we turned left. I got the license number of the car before he took off. This all took place in the space of less than a minute.

When I got home, I located the township of the intersection, and called the Avon Grove police department. The phone was answered by the PA State Police. They took the license number of the car, and asked if I thought I could identify the driver. I said that I thought I could, and they told me they are going over to talk to the driver and issue him a citation if he admits that he was driving the car at that time, and if I am willing to identify him and file a statement regarding the incident.

I'm not thrilled about having to make a statement and/or identify the driver, but if it gets one more crazy driver to be a little bit more careful around bicyclists, it's worth it.

So, Ed was also there at the time of the incident, do you have contact info for him? I told the State Police that there were several riders there at the time, and I might be able to produce statements from the other riders about what happened to back up my story (the famous back up plan!). Ed may also know the other riders, or else I can post something to the club email server to see if the other riders were from the WCCC.

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