Saturday, August 8, 2009

great great ride today and rides for week of Aug 9

thank you to Mr Eileen for treating us to the donuts

The figure 8 ride proved to be one huge success. First leg was 22 miles with a stop at WC Scoop for water and donuts and bathroom and then we headed down Rt 842 and did cue #233. Again proving to be one fine ride. There was a sponsored ride going on down in the southern rt 842 area so we passed and were passed by many riders making it an even nicer ride.

We had about 15 riders total and only 6 continued on and it was a good thing as overall the total ride was just spectacular. Elaine, Eileen and Mr Eileen and Ellen and Libby and Connie did about 50 miles and managed to come back to the boro around 12:15

Lots of folks must be on vacations cuz the roads were relatively quiet making it even nicer.
Rides for week of Aug 9

so far forecast is for very hot on monday and tues and if this holds true I may move the ride to Wednesday at 530 and Thursday at 530. SO CHECK BACK via twitter or blog for LAST minute changes.

No chick ride on Saturday as I and other chicks are doing the Covered Bridge Metric and we are doing the 62 mile ride on Sunday Aug 16, anyone interested in joining us, email me. So far we have 6 or so chicks. My car has a spot for one more and Ellen is also driving and may have room too. SO EMAIL me if you want to either follow in the car or squeeze in.


Eileen said...

I want to know who ate the blue donut!
Mr. Eileen

Libby Maxim said...

ellen did!