Monday, August 3, 2009

rides for the week of Aug 3 and New Ride Policy in regards to breakdowns

New Ride policy for Biker Chicks rides in regards to break downs on the road. As ride leader, I will stay with you until help arrives or at least is on the way. We have talked about having a back up plan, someone you can call to come get you if you break down. I realize some of you have no one you can call and I am not sure what to offer in this case. I have my husband I can call, but sometimes on rides, other ladies have offered their husbands to come get me so I think something could be worked out.

On the Quaker Tour, I had to bail out and both Connie and Judy offered their husbands to come get me. Last year I had to bail on a ride and my husband was out of town so one of the riders called his wife and she came and got me. So I think we can work things out on the rides.

Right now I can fix a flat tire and that is all I can do. So until we know more, any break down regarding chains and derailluers will be an automatic CALL for HELP. We will not try to fix the break down.

On areas sponsored rides, same policy in regards to break downs, we can FIX a FLAT and that is it, and since it is a sponsored ride, we will leave the disabled rider while she waits for SAG to come and rescue her.

tuesday eve 530, Hot Foot, if it is over 90 degrees tomorrow, i will not ride, so check Twitter for updates, Twitter username LibsM

thursday eve 530 Hot Foot

Saturday Aug 8 7:50 Hot Foot cue #137 29 miles

less miles this saturday, so hopefully some new folks might show up

AUGUST 16 Covered Bridge Metric, I already signed up for this event, biking in Lancaster County is a whole new experience, mostly flat to rolly hills and very pleasant. Lots of nice scenery. Lunch is part of the ride, last year it was Subway hoagies.

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Eileen said...

Good policy Libby. Breakdowns other than flats should be handled by experts, otherwise someone can be hurt if something isn't fixed correctly. SAG support on sponsored rides is always a good option.