Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Nifty stuff that can make a ride a happier place

for large holes in your tire, which I had on Sunday's Covered Bridge Ride, carry these sticky patches to stick inside of your tire to cover the large holes, on the CBM, I used a gel pack wrapper but it is very hard to keep it in place

I sat in this saddle for about 20 hrs during the Covered Bridge Ride this past Sunday, well not 20 hrs but it sure felt like it and I can now say, this is one fine saddle

I use a CO2 inflator similar to this one, and I buy my UNTHREADED cartridges online, unthreaded are way cheaper than threaded, if you have a bottom on your inflator, you can use unthreaded. Bought a box of cartridges at

I get 16 gram cartridges, seem to fill a tire to a good pressure

and on Sunday when I had to inflate my tire 2x, the inflator was very handy, especially in the heat

my snack food on the Covered Bridge Ride, cheap, easy and found in all grocery stores

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