Wednesday, August 12, 2009

more on the road rage and what to do, here large groups prove safer

got this from my son who has been hit by a car himself and rides about 10Kmiles a yr...,0,6819271.story

She was at atlantic and military, which is a few roads out to the west. I have felt really unsafe out there recently... it's like the drivers are aiming for you sometimes. I am as experienced with the drivers as anyone can be, and I don't even know what to expect a lot of times. Just the other day a big 18 wheeler decided to pass me while I was going over the woolbright bridge(narrow 2 lane bridge with metal grates) right by my house. That was scary. It said she the girl was hit by a 94 year old woman.

Recently I have felt safer when I am with a big groups of guys biking 2 to 3 wide on the road. It seems like the cars are more willing to hang back, and wait for a good time to pass. When it is just me it's like they'll roll right up next to me like I am not even there.

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