Friday, January 8, 2010

sports companies ignore tall women

I am not that tall, 5"10", size 12 shoe. But this size has locked me out of any sports equipment for the feet or bike tights, bike jackets, Speedo bathing suits and the list goes on and on.

I wear a Long Torso Speedo, it comes in two colors, black and LESS black, i guess tall ladies have no fashion sense, hence the thinking that we do not mind wearing a black suit year after year. Isn't this a stunner!!!

Bike shoes are worse, there is no option for a women's cycling shoe over size 10. I wear a size 45 Sidi Men's shoe. Would love to buy a women's shoe but none are to be found.

Hey how about Crocs , I need an XL in Croc, only colors are usually black, brown and beige or army fatigue. Oh boy.

Would love to buy a pair of Keen sandals,
but they only go up to size 11.

Most bike shorts, tights and jerseys are too short as well. A few brands are longer. Velor, SheBeest to name two.

Terry Cycling sells a LONG tight and has come out with a new short this year. 10 inch inseam and a longer rise, yipppppeeeeee. THANK YOU TERRY

This winter I am getting a brand new custom bike from Spectrum. I cannot buy a bike in a store, too tall for lady's and too short in the upper body to buy a man's bike.

I know tall men have the same issue. My son is 6"8" and also on a custom bike. He pulls and stretches most bike clothes on but struggles to get into a lot of the stuff on the market.

You regular sized folks have no idea how hard it is to find stuff for sports when you are tall. I gave up skiing long ago as the boots were a problem. No size 12 ski boots for ladies either.

I look through Land's End, so many nice sports shoes, but alas, no size 12.

Running shoes are a different matter, many companies make size 12 and larger for women. Asics and New Balance to name a few. If size 12 running shoes sell, why not the other sports??

I have long given up trying to figure out why. I know a family of 7 girls, they all are tall and wear size 12 shoes. So there are folks out there. But we buy our men's shoes year after year.

Someday, I want to own a pink pair of size 12 shoes!!!


Kathy said...

Hey to add insult to injury, Land's End charges more for their tall fashions. Size 10 is the same price as size 16 which obviously uses more material so what is the reason for a higher price for the tall fashions? It couldn't be more material?

I am 5'10" too but luckily for me I am short waisted, if that term is correct and can buy brightly colored swimsuits from Dolfin called Uglies. I highly recommend them.


Bobbie said...

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